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“Your Living Legacy” has been awarded First Place in the 2016 CIPA EVVY Book Awards for the category, “Family And Relationships”; and Third Place for the category, “Self Help”; a Reader’s Favorite Award Finalist for the category, “Self Help”, and Winner, San Diego Book Awards for the category, “Self-Help/Psychology.”
–The CIPA EVVY book awards contest has a 22-year history and is considered a prestigious recognition in the independent publishing community.
–Readers’ Favorite Awards has received the Best Websites for Authors and Honoring Excellence awards from the Association of Independent Authors.
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”The book begins with general concepts in family psychology, which underpin the whole book. …The majority of the work is devoted to a comprehensive “Parenting Styles Inventory…outlining 20 different styles. …Chosak urges readers to aim for objectivity, yet also remain compassionate in their assessments of themselves. She clearly believes that all parents have the best intentions and that they all, on occasion, fall into several of these styles. Indeed, most parents will find mirrors of themselves, as well as good advice, throughout these chapters. … Sage words, but tough love, for mothers and fathers.  …Much of this material can be found in other parenting and psychology books, but the short chapters, clear writing, and abundant examples here make Chosak’s a valuable reference.”

– Kirkus Review

“The book is … an eye-opener to enable parents to understand their parenting style and its impact on their children, to learn more about themselves, their children, and how to have a better relationship with them, to find out what should be done to prevent harm, and to identify the actions that work. The book is good for self-reflection and also how to learn from children, something which no book can teach. …It is not only about improving parent-child relationships, but also about discovering yourself. The book builds awareness among parents and will also help them make positive changes in their parenting styles. … No one is perfect and this book shows readers that there is beauty in imperfection and how to be a better role model to your kids. A useful book for all those who want to improve on their parenting skills.”

– Mamta Madhavan, Reviewer for Reader’s Favorite Reviews

“This basic primer for parents is a helpful guideline into the different parenting styles and their effects on children. The book is a welcome, common sense approach for parents who want to build healthy relationships with their children based on  mutual love and  respect.  I particularly like the way the chapters are laid out with main ideas, examples and practical exercises. Parents and educators will find, “Your Living Legacy,” a meaningful text to consider as a tool in parenting.”

– Professor Sally Nalven, Child Development Department, San Diego Miramar College

“Parenthood is often considered instinctive, yet it remains mankind’s hardest task. It is a fine art in need of both education and practice. Your Living Legacy, by Dr. Shelli Chosak clarifies some of the points other books may have left ambiguous. Years of experience give the author a unique opportunity to re-examine this time-old subject. As a mother of three grown children, and one who had proudly considered herself “good”, I learned much from it. May these guidelines give younger parents the tools to avoid some of the mistakes many of us have made along the way.”

– Zohreh Ghahremani, Author of The Moon Daughter.

“…Dr. Chosak identifies 20 different styles that parents use in dealing with children. Many of these parenting styles lead to adversely challenged relationships with our children… “Your Living Legacy” will increase your awareness of your parenting skills, help you make some necessary improvements to dealing with your children, and help you to build and create the kind of relationships that matter most.”

– John R. Stoker, President of DialogueWORKS and author of Overcoming Fake Talk.

“As a family law attorney in practice for 43 years, I recognized a lot of the issues and solutions to parenting problems in Dr. Chosak’s book that I encounter in my everyday family law/custody practice.  I would highly recommend this book to any mother with young children. Raising children is the most difficult job anyone can do. How well one recognizes the positive and the negative parenting influences to which they have been subjected as children, and which they want to emulate, avoid, or modify will make a huge difference in how their own children, especially daughters will adapt in their lives. Read this book, and apply the lessons that you learn—your children will thank you for it.”

– Alexandra Leichter, Certified Family Law Attorney

Your Living Legacy is not a self-help book, but a guided tour of discovering yourself as a parent. It may happen that you will discover something radically different from what you expected. .. it offers a rare mix for this kind of book– of theoretical framework and practical checking, examples and exercises… Instead of focusing on the child as the main parenting problem, the author took into consideration ‘what the parent is doing that might create or contribute to the problem… A logical approach, as most of the child’s problems originate within the family… It is a book that raises awareness and challenges you to ask questions – it is never too late to start reading.

– Ilana WD (Berlin)

Shelli Chosak reveals that parenting is one of the richest opportunities to learn and grow alongside our children and become the best human beings we can be. She brings a wealth of helpful insights into one easy-to-read book. The short chapters give the reader a chance to consider each concept and digest the information that’s applicable to our own circumstances. Twenty parenting style descriptions that encompass both positive and negative aspects of parenting give the reader a chance to recognize the parenting he or she grew up with, the techniques you are currently using with your own children, and helpful ways to improve. Several exercises, worksheets and resources (also included) turn this book into a great weekend parenting class!  

“This a dear friends mother who wrote this book..I read the intro to the book and it all flooded back to me…What a patient and mindful mother / grandmother …she allowed us to figure it out with listening and asking us questions about what we where going to do when living with a new being in our household that proved to be exhausting and overwhelming at times. Wish I had more opportunities to live closer to Jodi and her mom when it became even more challenging. 
Can’t wait to read more!”

– Missy Torrence Keyser, Facebook Post






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