Messages You Send Yourself:

One of the most important steps in empowering yourself is to recognize how you disempower yourself. You will need to pay attention to the messages (often disguised as “logical” thoughts) that affect you in a negative or unconstructive way.

The following checklist will help you identify the thoughts that hold you back and keep you down and out.

___ I’m not smart enough/educated enough

___ I’m too young/too old to take this on

___ I’m not physically strong enough

___ I’m not mentally strong enough

___ It’s too late for me to start something new

___ It’s too soon for me to start something new

___ No one will believe me

___ I don’t have the time

___ I wasn’t born with the ability to do this

___ People will laugh at/criticize me

___ Add your own recurring negative thoughts:




The next step is to replace each negative thought with a positive one you recognize is true or realistic. It is important to write down each negative thought and what you replace it with. This helps to make you more fully aware of the extent of your negative thoughts and helps eliminate them..


(1) “I’m not smart enough/educated enough” can be replaced with: “It is never too late to learn.”

(2) “No one will believe me.” Replace with: “What information do I have that gives me proof of this?”  “How do I know what everyone else is thinking?”